By, Cat Tutor

Table Rock is the number one most hiked mountain in Idaho. The mountain stands at 3,652 feet and it’s at the southeast end of Boise. You can hike, bike or drive the mountain, regardless which way you choose, there are amazing views of Boise skyline, foothills and valley. The hike is family friendly due to the rounded hill side with a flat summit and there are small caves and cliffs right below the summit top.

The mountain offers a 4 mile hike, 900 ft gain loop with some steep slopes, but a do-able hike for all family members. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you have a full view of Boise, Owyhee County and even a glance into Oregon.

At the top of Table Rock there is a 60 ft cross that has been there since 1956 and was placed by the local Jaycees over a land dispute. Table Rock is a huge part of Boise’s history and it’s as important as the Camelback Mountains are important to Phoenix, AZ. The sights, sounds, wildlife and beautiful nature you discover while climbing the mountain takes you away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Although, Table Rock sits right above Boise; it’s a nice getaway to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends without the stress of big city living. Table rock is one of Boise’s most prize possessions and a signature landmark of Boise, Idaho.